Making Over $10K/Month with “Conscious” Multifamily Investing

Making Over $10K/Month with “Conscious” Multifamily Investing

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With the right rental properties, you could not only bring in thousands of dollars in cash flow each month but also build long-term wealth. Just ask today’s guest! Despite her fulfilling career, she came to the realization that she wasn’t on the path to financial independence and decided to take things into her own hands!

Welcome back to the “Real Estate Rookie” podcast! Yiting Yang is a traveling pediatric neurologist whose multifamily investing portfolio brings in well over $10,000 in monthly cash flow. But that wasn’t always the case. During the early stages of her investing journey, Yiting dealt with difficult lenders, dishonest property managers, delayed renovation projects, and the everyday challenges of out-of-state investing.

In this episode, she gets into the mental side of investing and how practicing mindfulness can help you navigate the ebbs and flows of real estate. A conscious investor, Yiting talks about the importance of choosing an investing strategy that aligns with your core values and long-term goals. She even delves into her struggles with financing, and why a low interest rate isn’t the be-all and end-all when vetting a lender!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:18 Traveling Physician to Investor

07:03 Finding an Investing Partner

14:31 Financing Challenges

19:57 Property Manager Struggles

26:20 Buying the 12-Unit Property

30:33 HUGE Cash Flow Numbers

32:48 The “Mental” Side of Investing

36:01 Connect with Yiting!

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Title: Making Over $10K/Month with “Conscious” Multifamily Investing
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