How To Quit Your Job With Real Estate Investing

How To Quit Your Job With Real Estate Investing

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Meet Michael Zuber, who built a real estate portfolio while working a full-time job, as he shares invaluable insights on disciplined time management, the challenges of building a rental portfolio, and strategic investment decisions in this eye-opening interview.
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Michael Zuber has built his real estate portfolio while working a full-time W2 job. He’s been fortunate enough to love his W2 job, but many don’t love their career and want to go full-time in real estate or some other side hustle.

If you do something from 5 - 9 PM for a couple of days every week, you’ll have something significant in a decade or less. Ryan started flipping houses and became a millionaire in only a few years. What people don’t understand is that he was developing his skills for years.

Michael left his career in early 2018 and soon started feeling very depressed. He felt like he wasn’t contributing and had no purpose. He started his YouTube channel and released 5 videos per day! He created over 1,000 videos, and no one was watching! Michael was so dedicated to creating something that will outlast him; he kept creating.

Michael shares his journey growing his portfolio. He shares how he and his wife’s incomes funded their lifestyle, but all cash flow from rentals went towards growing the portfolio. Now, Michael has amassed 180 rentals! He shares that the portfolio hadn’t seen any serious cash flow for the first 5-6 years. So, if you’re trying to get some supplemental income, rentals aren’t the best choice in the short-term picture. You will not be financially free in rentals until about year 10, and it’s not an easy journey.

Americans have an average of 4 hours of discretionary time per day. How do you spend this time? If you want a different life, you need to spend this time differently than you do now. Michael also brings up the point that you may also need to find new friends. Ryan and Michael discuss how people can utilize their discretionary time and money to invest in their future. You can save money by cutting expenses, but it’s also great to pursue more income. Using both strategies will teach you discipline and increase your investing budget.

How do you choose where you invest? Michael’s advice is to live where you want and invest where the numbers work. Sometimes this can be where you live, but sometimes they're not! Ryan and Michael discuss how Michael analyzes deals and what specific details people should look for when deciding on deals.

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By: Ryan Pineda
Title: How To Quit Your Job With Real Estate Investing
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