2024 Real Estate Investing Strategies: Flip, Rent, or New Homes?

2024 Real Estate Investing Strategies: Flip, Rent, or New Homes?

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House flipping vs. renting vs. build-to-rent: which real estate investing strategies could make you the MOST money in the second half of 2024? At the beginning of the year, many investors believed that interest rates would be coming down, housing inventory would finally return to the market, and inflation had been defeated. But that didn’t turn out to be the case. In this ever-changing housing market, what should investors like you do to make the most money possible with the fewest risks? We asked three of our expert panelists to give their take!

So today, we’re having a friendly real estate investing strategy smackdown to pit house flipping against buy-and-hold against build-to-rent homes. Each strategy has BIG benefits but also comes with some serious risks rookie and expert investors should be looking out for. Plus, these investing strategies are NOT for everyone. We’ll discuss who should (and definitely shouldn’t) invest using each method.

2024 is not an easy real estate market, but our expert investors lay out the exact risks to avoid, how to get around them, and the best ways to build serious wealth while most Americans sit on the sidelines. We’ll talk about the enormous gains you can make even with high interest rates, what James calls the best way to find financial freedom, how to invest EVEN if you have very little time, and the one type of rental property with WAY lower insurance and repair costs.

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00:00 Intro

01:18 Buy (Renovate) and Hold

08:32 Who Should Buy and Hold?

10:05 Biggest Risks

11:51 Flipping Houses

17:28 Who Should Flip?

19:48 Biggest Risks

22:44 New Construction

31:00 Biggest Risks

34:02 Best 2024 Investing Strategy

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Title: 2024 Real Estate Investing Strategies: Flip, Rent, or New Homes?
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